Minkie Spiro has just completed the final series of Downton Abbey. This global phenomenon and multi award-winning period drama features a great ensemble cast including Dame Maggie Smith and Hugh Bonneville. Minkie has directed multiple seasons as well as their two hour Christmas Day special. She was then positioned at the helm to direct their final ever season.

Prior to Downton Abbey Minkie was directing the critically acclaimed Call The Midwife. This is the BBC’s most successful drama since records began a decade ago. Ben Lawrence of the The Telegraph newspaper wrote of Minkie’s episodes “We never had it so good. Actually we never had it so good as this final episode”.

A Fulbright scholar, Minkie graduated with a First Class Honours degree In Graphic Design from Central St. Martins School of Art in London. She began her career as a professional photographer and before long international exhibitions featured her work. Minkie subsequently pursued her growing love of storytelling and attended the Royal College of Art where she gained a Masters in Film Directing. After graduating she began making shorts and documentaries which garnered awards at the international film festivals. Minkie soon entered the arena of major primetime television dramas and pilots and has been nominated for a BAFTA for this work.

Minkie is probably best known for her cinematic vision and her effortless ability to make people laugh and cry in the same breath. Her beautiful, authentic style compliments her perceptive approach to storytelling. She extracts superlative performances from all talent. From the renowned Dame Maggie Smith to the least experienced such as Dev Patel in Skins. She has a sensitivity and flair for interacting with both cast and crew and excels in bringing out the best in everyone. 

Minkie has various features in development and is constantly looking for platforms to express herself and her creative skills.

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